Returns Policy

Event Photographs, Prints and Photo Merchandise

Voodoo Kitten Design and Photography operates a Fair Play Policy on returns. If you are good enough to bless us with your custom we want you to be happy with your prints or printed products. We will gladly supply you with a re-print in the unlikely eventuality that your print has arrived with a blemish or was creased during the printing process.

Please note however that under no circumstances will Voodoo Kitten Design and Photography offer refunds for photos or photo products ordered in error e.g. you inadvertently ordered a photo of the wrong person/subject.

Once printed or processed we are extremely unlikely to be able to re-sell the printed item to another customer as the subject matter will be of no relevance to them. Neither is it possible to recoup the cost of expensive digital print media. It is for this reason that our photo products are not eligible for refunds. If you are any in doubt we would strongly discourage you from placing an order.

In order to avoid disappointment, BEFORE finalising an order with us:

1. Please ensure that you have ordered the correct photo(s) in the correct format (e.g. 10 x 8 Colour Print, Full-Resolution Image on CD-ROM etc).

2. Please check that the subject of interest is sufficiently in focus. If the camera was focused on someone in the foreground and you or your friend is out of focus in the background then there is nothing we can do to remedy that. In this situation it is probably best to look for an alternative photo or wait and see if we take another picture of you or your friend at a future event. Regrettably it is not possible in the case of action photography to guarantee a great photo of every competitor due to the fast moving nature of these events.

3. Please check that the colour representation of the subject matter is accurate. Due to the volume of photos taken at events we cover it is not practical to analyse and adjust the white balance on a per photo basis at the event itself as this is a lengthy procedure at the best of times. Neither is this practical after the event as we no longer have the subject for reference. We shoot in a variety of different lighting conditions e.g. outdoors in midday sunshine, outdoors in late evening sunshine, outdoors under varying cloud cover, indoors under sodium yellow, sodium white, tungsten or florescent lighting, or even more tricky, a mixture of the above. Any judgment on the accuracy of colour representation can at best be purely subjective. The colours in a photo taken under florescent lighting can look very inaccurate indeed if held against and compared to the original subject matter in bright sunshine. That said we do go to considerable lengths to ensure that we have achieved as accurate a white balance as is possible given the lighting conditions we have to work with. If in doubt you would be best advised not to place an order.

To further complicate matters anyone viewing photos on our on-line Event Gallery will be at the mercy of the colour balance of their computer monitor. As all monitors are not calibrated the same all monitors are susceptible to displaying a slightly different colour balance. A particular photo that may look “right” on one monitor may look “wrong” on another monitor. Who is to say which monitor is correct without calibration?

The onus has to be on you as a potential customer to consider all aspects of any photo of interest as

represented on our web gallery and decide whether this particular photo taken under the lighting condition prevalent at the time is acceptable to you BEFORE placing an order. We do not offer refunds on photos where accuracy of colour representation is cited as being an issue.

If you have been sent an item that you believe to be faulty or damaged in any way;

Please, please, please retain the item for returning to us if this proves to be necessary. As many items are sent by Voodoo Kitten Design and Photography to third party specialist processing laboratories they may demand to see the damaged or faulty product in order to understand better what went wrong in the printing or shipping process. If you are unable to return the product to us then we in turn are unable to return the item to the lab and they are within their rights to refuse a free re-print. In this case we will have to pass on the charge of a re-print and re-shipping to you. If products that we order from the labs we use are falling short of the mark on quality then we need to know in order to source a new supplier and prevent future such occurrences and therefore we may request to have them returned to us to inspect them for that reason alone.

If a print has been printed by one of our in-house printers we will definitely wish to have the print returned to us to see the print to help us identify the problem and take action to prevent its reoccurrence.

We will usually cover the cost of return to us only if it transpires that the product is genuinely faulty or damaged. If upon inspection the product is not genuinely faulty or damaged we will charge for reshipping. Voodoo Kitten Design and Photography cannot be held responsible for returned items that fail to reach us. Please return items via insured carriage to ensure you are protected from such an eventuality.

Voodoo Kitten Branded Apparel

Voodoo Kitten Design and Photography offer a range of branded apparel that is produced and sold via an online platform provided by our production partner:

Spreadshirt AG

Gießerstraße 27

DE 04229 Leipzig


VAT ID: DE-813871494

Trade Register: Amtsgericht Leipzig, HRB 22478

For details of our production partners return policy and their terms and conditions please click on the following link.