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Being sponsors of Kennoway Amateur Football Club and having successfully completed previous work for them it was only natural that Kennoway AFC should approach Voodoo Kitten when they wanted to increase their social media presence and investigate new sources of funds.

Setting up a Facebook fan page to supplement the existing club website was identified as a priority. This coincided with the launch of a dedicated Twitter account (which is updated live from matches with real-time scores and selected commentary) and a dedicated e-mail address for fans to get in touch with the club – all of which were created, and currently handled by, Voodoo Kitten on behalf of the Kennoway Amateurs FC committee.

Facebook page is updated daily with news, views, photos and videos to capture interest from subscribers

A series of posters were designed and produced for Kennoway AFC to promote the teams third consecutive appearance in the Fife Cup Final. Voodoo Kitten then placed the posters with shops and businesses in the local community on their behalf. The poster drive along with a concerted effort to increase awareness on Facebook saw the number of page fans jump by over 100 members in a matter of days.

Fife Cup poster - Designed, produced and distributed by Voodoo Kitten on behalf of Kennoway Amateurs FC

Now that interest has been increased Voodoo Kitten then turned their attention to the design and production of Kennoway Amateurs FC branded clothing and merchandise. All of this was done in-house by our own Graphic Designer and digital mock-ups were presented to the committee board of Kennoway Amateurs FC for final approval

Kennoway Amateurs FC had previously purchased fan merchandise from other companies but they offered no more than the usual “off the shelf” solutions; badge branded mugs, replica tops, etc.. The club also had to buy a minimum amount to gain a discount and then re-sell the item to the fans with a very small profit margin. Voodoo Kitten offered Kennoway Amateurs FC a different option.

Voodoo Kitten had recently progressed from simply designing merchandise and selling it via third-party internet based retailers to customers worldwide, to becoming not only a designer but also a producer in their own right – using the latest industry software and equipment.

Kennoway Amateurs FC were offered a complete merchandise/brand/e-commerce solution managed by Voodoo Kitten. This involved Voodoo Kitten designing, producing and stocking various items of merchandise and also taking care of promotion, handling, sales and delivery of purchased items. Kennoway would receive 1/3 of the profits from all sales after costs (production and operating) and sales tax had been deducted. A similar system to what would be achieved from using web retailers such as Cafe Press or Zazzle – but with the benefit of an increased return for Kennoway and none of the hassle of producing and uploading designs themselves.

Voodoo Kitten then proceeded to construct a fully customised webstore for Kennoway Amateurs FC, complete with credit/debit card payment facility via PayPal and delivery available Worldwide. BigCartel was chosen to host the webstore due to its ease of customisation and integration with existing websites.

Kennoway Amateurs FC webstore - Home page

Product example in webstore - KAFC Black polo shirt with flock detail.

As an administrator the number of views of, not only the webstore but also, individual products are easily obtainable as real-time statistics. New products and designs are continually added and those which prove not so popular are retired.

The next logical step for both the promotion of Kennoway Amateurs FC as a team and as a brand was to produce and publish a monthly club programme (First edition August 2011). This has the facility to have its production costs covered solely by the revenue raised by the sale of advertising space to local businesses and sponsors and has been well received by the team and local community alike.

Kennoway AFC monthly programme, first edition - produced and published by Voodoo Kitten